American Kennel Club

Raleigh, North Carolina,USA
As part of the organization`s relocation, the AKC had the ooportunity to design a new data center. AKC required a UPS that offered reliability and redundancy and the ability to accommodate future growth. The organization also needed to be able to use the UPS efficiently with overhead bus bar power distribution.
Eaton 9390
The Eaton 9390 UPS got tails wagging at the AKC. The unit`s high power factor protected more equipment and the high efficiency rating resulted in an overall lower operating cost.


With a new data center, the AKC sought a UPS capable of safeguarding its critical systems, network infrastructure and high-traffic web site. Any amount of downtime puts the organization at risk for ending up in the doghouse with its customers, especially during peak registration and publicity periods.

Thanks to the reliability of the 9390 UPS within the AKC data center, there hasn`t been so much as a whimper over any downtime issues. There`s a great peace of mind with the flexibility, scalability and reliability of the solution.

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