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Las Vegas, Nev., USA
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The company needed a highly efficient, larger capacity UPS to safeguard its systems, as well as software that could work in its virtualized environment.
Eaton 5PX and 3S UPS, Intelligent Power Software Suite
The Eaton 5PX and power management software deliver all the protection and manageability that Kortek was seeking in a solution. 


Faced with expanding power capacity requirements, Kortek Solutions began investigating a variety of UPSs. The computer support provider sought a UPS solution that could offer better efficiency and reliability than its previous APC unit. 

Kortek Solutions installed Eaton 5PX and Eaton 3S UPS models in its server room to answer the company`s desire for power efficiency and lower cooling costs. The company is also reaping tremendous value from Eaton`s Intelligent Power Software Suite, which provides all of the tools needed to monitor and manage power devices across the network, even in a virtualized environment such as Kortek Solutions`.

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Stewart successfully engineers continuous uptime with Eaton solution
Stewart successfully engineers continuous uptime with Eaton solution

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