IDentiphoto – ID technology systems integrator

Willoughby, Ohio, USA
Identification Technology
The company sought a rack-based solution that could provide ride-through capabilities and safeguard systems until its generator kicked on.
Eaton 5P UPS
Ultimate availability has been achieved by deploying the Eaton 5P UPS.


Although IDentiphoto relies on a building generator to keep the power going during extended outages, the company requires a UPS to deliver the key seconds of ride-through while the generator powers on. 

Having deployed two 1500 VA 5P units, IDentiphoto is offering rave reviews about the premium, enterprise-class battery backup solution, which is ideal for network closets and small data centers. 

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Facebook – Social networking company
Facebook leveraged the Power Xpert 9395 to help take its Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating to well below the industry average.

NURTS Bulgaria – Radio and television broadcaster
NURTS Bulgaria AD identified that it needed to modernise its backup power supplies to ensure its network is thoroughly protected against power outages and operating at the highest level of efficiency possible. With an efficiency rating of over 95 per cent, Eaton 9130 rack mount UPSs were selected for their energy saving potential.

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