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Power Quality
Ensure uninterrupted power for NURTS Bulgaria AD, leading radio and television broadcaster throughout Bulgaria, during modernisation of backup power supplies to 700+ stations.
Eaton 9130, 9135 and 9390 UPSs, with ratings from 3 kVA to 120 kVA, all of which have a doubleconversion, or online, topology and Eaton’s Network Card-MS’s.
The new Eaton UPSs were installed across all stations with no downtime and real-time monitoring of the sites’ power status  has considerably reduced the chances of their network going  down.


NURTS Bulgaria AD identified that it needed to modernise its backup power supplies to ensure its network is thoroughly protected against power outages and operating at the highest level of efficiency possible. With an efficiency rating of over 95 per cent, Eaton 9130 rack mount UPSs were selected for their energy saving potential.

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Weekends Only

Stewart successfully engineers continuous uptime with Eaton solution
Stewart successfully engineers continuous uptime with Eaton solution

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