Eaton & Nutanix

Eaton infrastructure solutions for Nutanix

Eaton provides lab-validated power management solutions in collaboration with Nutanix, including enclosures, rack power distribution units (PDUs), uninterruptible power systems (UPS) and Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software.

IPM’s integration into VMware vCenter enables simultaneous monitoring and management of your Nutanix environment. Capable of taking action during environmental anomalies to protect the integrity of your stack, Eaton is the only validated hyperconverged power vendor.

Eaton and Nutanix and VMware

Alliance partnership

As a validated alliance partner Eaton enhances the Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platforms by providing a fully-integrated, scalable infrastructure that simplifies power management through direct hypervisor integration.


Eaton’s proven, lab-validated integration with Nutanix provides peace of mind through seamless integration, allowing you to:

  • Decrease implementation time with simplified deployment through direct hypervisor integration
  • Reduce risk by doubling back-up runtime for critical virtual machines (VMs) through on-demand load shedding during outages
  • Maximize control of your environment through advanced alert notifications, enabling custom VM migration policy buildouts based on specific alarm type
  • Provides a single source with a comprehensive portfolio of Eaton UPS, PDU, enclosures and cable management for a secure Nutanix deployment
Xtreme Computing Platforms

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