Eaton 5P UPS and SimpliVity

Eaton integration with SimpliVity´s hyper-converged infrastructure solutions

Eaton enables further optimization of SimpliVity’s hyperconverged infrastructure by providing lab-validated power management solutions, including IT racks, intelligent rack power distribution units (PDUs), server class uninterruptible power systems (UPS) and virtualisation-ready power management software. Capable of taking actions during environmental and power anomalies to protect the integrity of IT stacks, Eaton is the only SimpliVity´s validated hyper-converged power vendor.

Eaton and Simplivity

Alliance partnerships

As a SimpliVity´s validated alliance partner, Eaton also partners with VMWare and Cisco to ensure that all elements of SimpliVity´s hyperconverged infrastructure solutions are properly powered and customers´ businesses are fully protected from costly consequences of power and environmental anomalies.

Read Eaton and Simplivity joint solution brief

Eaton and Simplivity

Integration benefits

Eaton’s lab-validated integration with SimpliVity and VMware vCenter provides you peace of mind and allows to:

  • Enhance business continuity through VM migration and consolidation
  • Extend host and critical VM availability through load shedding
  • Conduct host shutdown and restart based on power and environmental anomalies
  • Boost overall stack efficiency and power consumption reduction
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