Rack-mounted Power Distribution

Eaton Enclosure Power Distribution Unit – ePDU

Eaton ePDUs are Enclosure based Power Distribution Units designed specifically for data centre environment. Eaton ePDUs provide reliable, consistent power distribution and allow you to measure, monitor and manage your energy consumption down to individual server level.

Eaton Rack Power Module (RPM)

The Eaton RPM, part of the Powerware series, simplifies data center power distribution by delivering up to 36 kW of power in a 3U cabinet.

Eaton HotSwap MBP

PDU with a built-in maintenance by-pass to replace a faulty UPS in the field without the need to switch off the connected equipment.

Eaton STS 16 (Source Transfer Switch)

To keep your mission-critical network and telecom applications up and running, Eaton has developed the STS automatic transfer switch (or Source Transfer Switch). STS handles the automatic or manual transfer of power loads between two independent UPSs or power sources.