Eaton Heat Containment System™

The HCS contains and directs the heat exhaust of your IT equipment to the top rear of the enclosure where it is ducted to your cooling equipment through plenum ceilings or high air returns. This patented design adapts to your Paramount™, Vantage S2™ and several third-party enclosures and integrates seamlessly into your existing cooling infrastructure.

Eaton Heat Containment System™ – Features

  • Scalable – It can be adapted to existing infrastructures to increase rack utilization as your capacity demands grow.
  • Predictable – It separates hot exhaust air and cold supply air; dramatically increasing the reliability of the data center
  • Efficient – Allowing hotter air to return directly to the CRACs, increasing their efficiency by operating at a higher Delta T (ΔT)
  • Reliable – It extends existing cooling capacity throughout the data center; freeing up stranded assets and lowering operational costs
  • Flexible – It does not require you to alter existing enclosure locations and is also field-installable on third-party enclosures
  • See how HCS integrates with other Eaton data center solutions


Heat Containment
System Animation
Heat Containment
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Heat Containment
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Heat Containment - System Animation Heat Containment - YouTube Video 1 Heat Containment - YouTube Video 2
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Eaton Heat Containment System™ – Documentation

Blanking Panels Datasheet
English (US)
315 kB
Raised Floor Grommet Datasheet
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648 kB
Data Center Knowledge Guide to Data Center Containment
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Rack Hygiene White Paper
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1692 kB
Cold Aisle Containment System Performance Simulation White Paper
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1297 kB
Cold Aisle Containment System Perfomance Simulation White Paper
1297 kB
Precision Cooling Industry Fails the CIO White Paper
171 kB

Eaton Heat Containment System™ - Options

HCS Flexible Return Duct

Eaton Heat Containment System™ - Support

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